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I was introduced to nine home owners within the first few weeks of registering as a Fizber Featured Agent. Fizber's support team helped me connect with each home owner and I successfully got 5 listings after meeting with them. Fizber offers the best quality lead that I have seen in the industry because every lead is an actual Fizber customer who is actively trying to sell their home on the Fizber platform.

- Marco Cooper

We are proud to be affiliated with Fizber! With your help, the seller felt at ease and was not at all reluctant to list with us. We had a very smooth closing and everyone was happy. You lined this up really nice for us. We look forward to many future transactions.

- Tara Baraoro

Being a Fizber affiliate has paid off!! The quality of both Seller and Buyer verified leads has lead to higher conversion rate for me. They have a great support system, unlike other platforms they continue to support you and stay in contact with the lead.

- Ronnie Glomb

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